The Creased Pages of my Existence: Books, College, and The Writing Life

The Creased Pages of my Existence: Books, College, and The Writing Life

A Little Bit About Me

“Just a small town girl, Living in a lonely world…”

Haha, I’m ‘Manda! I’m in college, at the moment. Only one year left! I’m studying English (tried to do Comp Sci as well, failed, and lost hope… It’s now my minor) but I’m getting on pretty well at the moment. I will hopefully graduate with a Certificate in Creative Writing, as well. I’ve got a great boyfriend I’ve been able to keep and hold onto, despite many setbacks, for two and a half years. I love to read and write, basic qualifications for an English major, I know, as well as, in my spare time, play video games, annoy cats (~isn’t that what they believe?), shoot some hoops, and go on adventures (when I can). 

My Hopes and Dreams for this Blog

“Reaching for something in the distance, So close you can almost taste it…”

As much as I’d like to believe that people would want nothing more than to pour over a diary of my everyday life, alas, I’ve realized that that would probably get little views and less likes than otherwise. Therefore, I won’t focus on all the pages of my life’s book, only on the creased ones. The important ones. 

Mostly, though, this blog will be about books. Books have been a major part of my life since I was small, trapped in a house with nowhere to go but wherever my imagination took me. Reviews, recommendations, perhaps even fan-fiction, will abound on the coming posts. Little tid-bits, anecdotes, or fun facts about me, my life as a college student, my relationship, or even my short escapades into the land of gaming, may also make their way into my blog.

I hope you have as much fun reading this as I will most certainly have writing it. May your life have many creased pages!


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